We are honoured to have received the recognition with "SPECIAL SELECTION" (gold medal) for two wines from Asperia and CCIAA AL, on the occasion of the wine competition "MARENGO 2019"; the wines are: OVADA DOCG 2015 "MOONGIARDIN" e our new entry with the 2018 production, MONFERRATO BIANCO DOC 2018 "DUE GOCCE". We wait for you in our cellar!!


Le tavole del tartufo"The truffle tables" reopen again in this 2018; the initiative promoted by the Chamber of Commerce will find us protagonists together with other restaurants of the Province of Alessandria and we will propose in the menu the perfume and the taste of the delicious and precious tuber to complement our typical foods. The evening highlight will be FRIDAY NOVEMBER 16th, where we will present a menu that will have the white truffle strictly found in our territory and the tasting of some wines awarded in the wine competition MARENGO doc 2018. Among these our Barbera del Monferrato doc 2016 "Vigot" , Colli Tortonesi Barbera Superiore doc 2016 "Cascina la Zerba di Volpedo" of the Cantine Volpi and Brachetto Piemonte doc 2017 of Cantina Tre Castelli. The evening will be on reservation.

Vendemmia 2018Harvest 2018 ..... a good quality, almost unthinkable up to a month before ..... but not for everyone. In the end those who worked well and managed to defend the grapes during the season, especially from the oidium attacks, but above all controlling the quantity, thinning and leafing where necessary, brought excellent grapes into the cellar. We found the most positive aspects in the white grapes, cortese and sauvignon, characterized by the freshness that has been lacking a little in the last two years, accompanied by a noticeable maturation that has allowed an excellent balance and structure. 

So after the terrible year 2017, a breath of oxygen that allowed us to fill our wine cellar with excellent wine.

Gelicidio   Dicember 2017...after a hard year for grapevines

   caracterized by frost in spring, dry hot in summer

   ....a great atmospheric phenomenon in december: the "ice vines"!

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Also this year we join ASPERIA's "TARTUFO TABLES" initiative. Throughout the month of November, we will try to give you the delicious white truffles on our table despite the fact that the season is not particularly favorable. The top event will be Friday, November 10, with a truffle and mushroom theme dinner, with the possibility to taste the wines of some award-winning producers at MARENGO DOC, in particular a Gavi di Gavi docg 2016 of Broglia società agricola semplice, a Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese doc 2015 of Castello di Gabiano as well as our Ovada docg 2013. We are waiting for you.

Le Tavole del Tartufo

IMG 3389Certainly the vintage 2017 will not be easily forgotten by the wine producers. The April frost, the extreme drought that escalated up to grape harvest and even some too much ungulates, negatively affected the quantity. But in these cases it is said “better fewer but better” but if we examine in depth, honestly we had definitely better harvesting from a qualitative point of view. When the plant suffers drought in the ripening phase it is never good, the grapes concentrate, the alcoholic degrees are hight but the smells and taste are not at the highest levels as it does when the vine is working to ripen the bunches. This year too has been harvested sooner than usual and the frequency in recent years of these advances should make us reflect .... without apocalyptic conclusions but a thought we should do it. We therefore look forward to the answer of the wines in the glass that will tell us the result of our work in the coming months.