The beginning of the harvest in 2015 is imminent ; this weekend it will begin with the harvest of the grapes from which we produce our Rose and then next week we will continue with the dolcetto grapes. For white grapes we wait for the middle of the month . The premises are excellent , the grapes ripened well and evenly , the alcol grade ( from samples taken last week ) seems good , the acidity is right although in some ground , especially in the higher areas and tuff , are slightly lower but we must wait for the start of the fermentation to have analytical data more real . We will update in the coming weeks ... and now .... good harvest at all !!!


The harvest 2016 is beging! at last we have reached the moment of collecting the fruits of labor of the whole season. How do you plan? Well, at least this year was especially troubled because of the drought that has characterized especially our area, and that has affected our grapes. The grapevines have been subjected to a huge stress which has caused in some way limit even death of the same, especially those younger and more characterized by tuff soils. The rain arrived just a few days ago, it would have been perfect had come before, but as they say better late than never. Wines that you'll actually enjoy? As always it is not possible to precisely predict a future product, surely the sugar concentration will be high, will be to evaluate the wine balances especially where plants have suffered very drought, however, the glass in the coming months will give its verdict. To all the winemakers good harvest!

Ca' Bensì Will be on saturday 29th (from 6.00 pm) in Piazza Assunta at Ovada with the Enoteca Regionale di Ovada e del Monferrato during the "Notte Bianca" night. You will taste our wines togheter the other producers ones of the Enoteca. We will wait for you to taste an Ovada wine glass. 


While waiting for the harvest that promises early and, fingers crossed, very positive, we remind you the next event in which our Ca' Bensi participates. We will be present along with "Enoteca di Ovada and Monferrato" on August 23 at 18:00 at the Castle of Tagliolo Monferrato for a tasting of our wines under the "Festival of Cultural Resilience in Piemontesud - mingling of peoples and cultures between Ovada and  Gavi ".
The tasting will begin at the end of the cycling route that will stop just in Tagliolo Monferrato near the Castle, followed at 19.00 will take place the concert of outcome of the stage of improvisation held by the musician Antonio Marangolo for the students of the Conservatory of Alessandria.
See you Sunday, 23 August to spend a nice evening with good wines, sports, culture and music.

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