IMG 2911Sadly, theese are the muddled aspects of our work. Climate events always condition the result of agricultural production, when they are generous we get delicacies that give us wonderful feelings, when are hostile give us bitterness. However, nothing is lost yet, the frost that struck our territory and in general our region, and not only, has caused important damage but fortunately especially in lower hills, thus saving the highs. To estimate the actual magnitude of the damage will still be a few weeks, however the estimated losses to date seem to be around 35/40%. We don't lose heart and go on without fear!

IMG 2114....It wasn't 2015, objectively 2016 harvest was influenced by the drought of this summer that put to the test our grapesvine above all in white tuff land like ours. Rain came at least, late but in any case very important, this allowed finally a good ripenings grapes and a resulting good quality of the wines. As always the next months will say how the level is, however we are satisfied for the result of our work. 

IMG 0152

Truffol are one of the most important product of our land, perhaps not so well knonw. With our fellow restaurateurs want to contribute to the appreciation of this valuable product. We are waiting to taste it. 

Le Tavole del Tartufo

After the harvest, which was, as already written in a previous post, very early, we can begin very cautiously to make some judgments about the wines that we will have the pleasure of tasting the near future. The year was exceptional, thanks to the extraordinary climatic conditions during the summer, with very warm (maybe too much for some vineyards and grapes) and a lot of sun, whose importance to get a great wine is well known. Even the rains came, never as in this summer were expected and welcome. The amount produced was slightly poor compared to a year average but the texture, color and alcohol content of red wines are top notch as are the excellent results are the white wines and rosé. Now we just have to wait patiently for the aging of wines which can be expected, given the important structures, longer than usual. Surely we can say that this year will be remembered with pleasure, especially when we open the bottles.


The beginning of the harvest in 2015 is imminent ; this weekend it will begin with the harvest of the grapes from which we produce our Rose and then next week we will continue with the dolcetto grapes. For white grapes we wait for the middle of the month . The premises are excellent , the grapes ripened well and evenly , the alcol grade ( from samples taken last week ) seems good , the acidity is right although in some ground , especially in the higher areas and tuff , are slightly lower but we must wait for the start of the fermentation to have analytical data more real . We will update in the coming weeks ... and now .... good harvest at all !!!


The harvest 2016 is beging! at last we have reached the moment of collecting the fruits of labor of the whole season. How do you plan? Well, at least this year was especially troubled because of the drought that has characterized especially our area, and that has affected our grapes. The grapevines have been subjected to a huge stress which has caused in some way limit even death of the same, especially those younger and more characterized by tuff soils. The rain arrived just a few days ago, it would have been perfect had come before, but as they say better late than never. Wines that you'll actually enjoy? As always it is not possible to precisely predict a future product, surely the sugar concentration will be high, will be to evaluate the wine balances especially where plants have suffered very drought, however, the glass in the coming months will give its verdict. To all the winemakers good harvest!