IMG 3389Certainly the vintage 2017 will not be easily forgotten by the wine producers. The April frost, the extreme drought that escalated up to grape harvest and even some too much ungulates, negatively affected the quantity. But in these cases it is said “better fewer but better” but if we examine in depth, honestly we had definitely better harvesting from a qualitative point of view. When the plant suffers drought in the ripening phase it is never good, the grapes concentrate, the alcoholic degrees are hight but the smells and taste are not at the highest levels as it does when the vine is working to ripen the bunches. This year too has been harvested sooner than usual and the frequency in recent years of these advances should make us reflect .... without apocalyptic conclusions but a thought we should do it. We therefore look forward to the answer of the wines in the glass that will tell us the result of our work in the coming months.